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R-Levels Power Partner, LLC is a new company offering Right and Reliable Levels solutions to the power industry all over the world.  We also have tried-and-true products, services and solutions from our partner company, Qinhuangdao Huadian Measurement and Control Equipment Co., Ltd. which we will abbreviate as "HDSC". Because of the strong ties between the two companies, it is important to give some background on HDSC. HDSC is oriented to providing technical solutions to some of the difficult problems in the power industry since 1999, notably in the area of boiler steam drum water level measurement and in the area of coal silos that become congested during normal operation. HDSC doesn't simply design and sell products, they participate heavily in industry code-writing in the country of China. HDSC is the principle author of several technical codes for the Chinese power industry, including the Technological Code for Water Level Measurement of Boiler Drum in Fossil Fuel Power Plant and Code for Coal Feeder Fault Diagnosis & Automatic Decongesting Device for Coal Silos. HDSC has designed innovative new technology instruments for Boiler Drum Water Level Measurement and for Coal Silo Decongestion. These products have been installed in over 700 units, most of which are in China, but there are also customers in Australia, Turkey, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Bosnia-Herzegovina. HDSC has won customers' trust with its eye to innovation, its adherence to strict quality control in manufacturing, test procedures, installation and commissioning of equipment. 


R-Levels Power Partner LLC is the sole distributor and licensee of HDSC products and services in the Western Hemisphere. Based in Houston, TX we are seeking to find ways to serve the electric power utility industry and to bring the new technology pioneered in the East to new friends and partners in the West.


We sell not only products, we sell solutions.  R-Levels Power Partner, LLC is your real partner that cares about your plant’s reliability. Wherever you are, we have effective solutions, deliver high quality products and Provide professional services.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


R-Levels Power Partner—Your Trust Partner Forever!